We provide our employees with opportunities to develop and grow by giving them a wide variety of assignments, giving them space to perform, and express their opinions. Our managers mentor their employees by providing guidance, support as well as opportunities to interact with customers.

Next-Gen Technologies provides a great deal of flexibility to suit the employees’ particular needs and to ensure that our employees are able to maintain a work-life balance, We believe in  working smart and not necessarily  working long .  We have ‘work from home’ options based on project needs and our policy.

We have a very informal, fun-filled and close-knit culture at our offices. An open-door policy and social events help consultants, managers and partners get to know one another better. 

Our people are our greatest asset and so we focus our policies and benefits around them. 

Employee Development Initiative at NEXT-GEN

We focus on recruiting and developing the best talent for our needs. Our employees learn and grow with us and we maintain the personal touch required to help each employee feel a valued member of the Next-GEN family. Our managers and the Human Resources team work jointly to keep employees engaged and motivated.
New employees are given both class room as well as on the job training so that they can learn quickly and are given diverse opportunities so that they can learn various aspects of the business and grow quickly.

We focus on learning and development through:
On the job training
Project based customized training
Training on new technologies
Behavioural competencies based training programs
The work environment at Next-Gen Technologies is built around the belief of growth beyond boundaries. Some of the critical elements that define our work culture are cross-domain experience, and work-life balance.

Performance based rewards
At Next-Gen, work well done never goes unrewarded. We ensure that our people are well rewarded for a high level of performance, exceptional contribution, exemplary behaviour and making a difference to the company’s success. We have a transparent and robust performance management process which results in identifying the contributions and development needs of each employee and results in compensation as well as development decisions for the employees.

Two Way Communications
We believe in the power of open communication. The 2-way communication culture leads to contribution of ideas and suggestions towards incomparable customer service delivery, unique and diverse product features and continuous process improvement. Trust is earned and preserved through active engagement and collaboration with colleagues, across departments.

We realize that relationships are vital for people to work together. As a cohesive team, we value integrity by honouring commitments and biding by ethics. The teams are aligned towards the overall purpose of the company and are constantly aiming to achieve greater heights and superior results that make a visible difference.

Strong Culture
Our culture is an enabling one. It emphasizes empowerment of the individual to make decisions in the best interests of the client. Importantly, it also rewards personal achievement and contribution, financially and through public recognition.