Next-Gen  Technologies Security solutions represent a thorough, multi-layered protection plan against external and internal threats. We offer an extensive plan customized to clients’ specific security needs. It eliminates stress about the vulnerability of the IT infrastructure and allows time to be allocated to more pressing areas of the business.

Common IT Security Threats:
Malware: Damage a computer system without the owner’s knowledge

Computer Viruses: Spreads and infects user’s computer without any knowledge or permission of the user

Worms: Uses security holes and computer networks to replicate itself

Adware: Delivers unwanted advertising during Internet usage

Spyware: Attaches itself to operating systems in vicious ways

Trojan Horses: Claims to do one thing, but instead damages the user’s computer

Insider Threats: Misuse and unauthorized access by insiders

Hackers: Unauthorized access by outsiders

Rootkits: Takes fundamental control of the computer system without the system owner’s consent