What is Structured Cabling?
Structured Cabling is a set of cabling products used for buildings in which data such as fire alarms, videos, security, energy and other telecommunication elements are integrated.

Voice and Data Cabling
Facsimile Cabling
Adds, Moves, and Changes
Cabling Repairs
Building to Building
New and Old Buildings
Cabling Design
Cat 6, cat6e, armoured  
Single and Multi-mode Fibre Optic Cabling
Single and Multiple Floors

Benefits of Structured Cabling:
High ROI – Structured cabling is more durable than other networking components, and will not require frequent updates.
Construction costs reduced by up to 30%.
Easier maintenance – Standardized components allow for easy upgrades or changes. The same structured cabling can be used in the event of relocation.